From the September 2019 magazine.

Where my life began

Young and terrified, he left his rough, drunken world and walked through a door that said “Welcome Home”

I was 25 when I walked into the Here’s H.O.W. Group in Carbondale, Illinois in 2003. I believe it was February. I was desperately ready for something, and something in me seemed to be leading me there. It had been 15 months since I had had a drink or a drug, as far as I knew, and my mind was chattering at me nonstop about alcohol, drugs and suicide. 

I don’t remember much of what came out of my mouth in that meeting room, let alone what anyone else told me. But the man who became my first sponsor, Cliff M., told me, “I’m glad you’re here.” My alcoholic thinker was telling me to leave because there weren’t any people my age in the room. And worst of all, no girls I might date!

-- Chad P.

Mt. Vernon, Indiana

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