From the September 2019 magazine.

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After an exhausting trip down every aisle, a newcomer finds the right guy

I remember when I hadn’t had a drink for a whole week. Wow, that was quite an accomplishment for someone who for 25 years only drank on days ending with the letter Y. And all I kept hearing at every AA meeting was, “Get a sponsor!” Every time someone shared, they mentioned this sponsor thing. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Enough already! I figured I had better do what they said, just to get people off my back. 

What did these people know, anyway? Certainly not as much as I did. So I started my big plan to get a sponsor. And there she was, 25 years old and pretty. What was she doing in AA? How could she be an alcoholic? But I didn’t care. I just knew that she’d be the perfect sponsor for such a brilliant, sophisticated 48-year-old guy like me.

-- Definitely Steve

Nashville, Tennessee

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