From the September 2019 magazine.

Looking for feathers

An old-timer shares about honesty, laughter and paying attention to life’s subtle messages

I attend meetings. I have incredible friends in and out of recovery. I’m happy to live a modest life. I pay attention. I notice what’s going on and what’s happening around me. I live in the moment. And I make decisions early to head trouble off at the pass. 

I remind myself to look for feathers rather than wait for two-by-fours to hit me. The feathers are those subtle messages that could easily pass me by. The feathers are those voices of intuition, conscience and “God shots.” The two-by-fours are what happens when I ignore the feathers or decide to exercise my will rather than God’s will. It’s painful. Paying attention to feathers saves me from embarrassment and damaged relationships. It allows me to avoid the need to make amends over stupid or thoughtless actions.

-- Leah B.

Eugene, Oregon

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