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Published August 2019.


He needed a new kidney. What he got was proof that his Higher Power was working overtime

I never thought I’d be writing you to submit a personal story about my miracle, but at the insistence of my sponsor and my support group I am doing so. If this story does anything to help someone see the power and love of God, then I know that I made right decision. I submit this story to demonstrate there are no coincidences in AA and that miracles can and do happen. 

My story begins in 1986, when I was diagnosed with kidney disease. At that time, I was told that there was no cure and that I would eventually need a transplant. The good news was that it was a slow progressing disease and that I had 20 years before I would actually need the transplant. I suppose I went through the usual stages that one goes through when hearing difficult news: denial, anger, and depression (though acceptance would come much later). I suddenly found myself unable to cope with the pressure of having a chronic and progressive disease and turned to drinking. It didn’t take long before I became a full-fledged alcoholic. I lived in self-pity and despair and desperately drank to escape the world and myself. However, it would be November 18th, 2000 before I would get sober after I had lost everything and had nowhere else to go. 

-- Michael B.

Cleveland, Ohio

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