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Published August 2019.

God, I Need You Right Now

The woman said "Come on in. honey. We are waiting for you.” And the dark hole inside her began to fill

My name is Billie Jo and I'm an alcoholic. 

My family raised me in the San Francisco bay area and everyone in my family drank. As a child I was forever sipping this and that. My first alcoholic drink was at age 11 with my best friend who lived two doors down from me. Her parents were not home and she pulled out every bottle of booze in the cabinet. Set out two tall glasses and poured a little from each bottle into the glasses. This mixture smelled just horrible, but something magical happened as it burned its way down my throat. Suddenly, the warmth I felt in my insides made the pain of smelling it and drinking it all go away. I couldn't believe anything that tasted so nasty could make me feel so great. I know now that the switch was turned on. 

-- Billie Jo M.

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