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Published August 2019.

A Week in the Life of Lisa

The call to service unites a group of AA women around one troubled soul

The phone rang as I finished my morning prayers, which always including "let me be of some service today.” A former sponsee, now living out of state, was calling to see if I was available to help someone, named Lisa, who was reaching out through "Friends of Bill W." God always gives me what I need; my prayer was being answered already. Little did I know that by agreeing to help this young woman, I was being launched into a mighty circle of like-minded women who would all agree to "love this young woman until she could love herself.”

I spoke with Lisa 30 minutes later and we decided to attend an AA meeting together the next day. By the time I picked her up, much of the organizing was already complete. Since Lisa had many needs, it took assistance from a power greater than any of us to line up daily transportation for meetings, daily legal commitments, food and doctors’ appointments. What an order and a true labor of love! Women were eager to help with no expectation of acknowledgement nor compensation. The beauty of being called to service struck all of us. Lisa was no longer alone. She caught on that something very special was happening, which showed her that she could be grateful and even hopeful.

-- Kaycee F.

Brown Deer, Wis.

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