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Published August 2019.

No Regrets: It Took What It Took

Personal pain, two DUI’s, time in jail—he doesn’t regret the past, but he’s not shutting the door on it, either

For years I had limited problems with my drinking. I had a few fender-benders, but nothing major. I was fortunate not to have fatally injured anyone. As a young man, I lived in a rural area where the only things on the road when I drove home at night under the influence were dogs and maybe a deer. That was back in the days when, if police stopped me, they might have driven me home.

But things were getting worse. As my career developed, I moved to more populated areas and eventually near our nation’s major cities. It wasn’t as easy to avoid detection in major metropolitan areas and law enforcement’s perspective toward driving intoxicated had changed. As it happened, I was promoted to a job involving about 80 percent travel throughout the Midwest. Fly out Monday morning to visit an office, leave there Tuesday night to go to a second city, and then fly home from that second city on Friday. There were many nights in hotels with a bar, passing time lamenting the day’s activities. Minus an occasional hangover, these were great days. I was young and had stamina.

-- David M.

The Villages, Fla.

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