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Published September 2019.

The Invisible Life Raft

After more than twenty years sobriety, he continues to be grateful to the program that saved him

I am blessed and amazed at the end of the work week when I sit in a folding chair in a fluorescent lit room, with 35 or so other people to listen to someone share their most intimate story of what brought them to their lowest point of their life. Near death experiences, loss of jobs, family, spouses, self-worth, even the will to live-- and yet in front of me at this time is now someone who exudes life, glows, smiles and is just beautiful.

Being sober is everything that I was told it would be from day one, plus so much more—the only thing is the people who were telling me that at that time were so damn happy about it, I can remember thinking: “Who is putting them up to this?”

-- Tim M.

Venice, Calif.

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