From the October 2019 magazine.

So all can understand

A longtime AA interpreter shares her wonderful journey and all the joy it brings

Unable to carry on a conversation in English, I arrived in the United States at age 17 from El Salvador. I was running away from a culture that I thought was not conducive to my self-development. In a “true-to-myself” kind of way, I was determined to become my own person. 

I was on an exchange program and I started my junior year of high school in the U.S.  I threw myself into work, school—and drink. I doubled up on my English and history classes and became well-acquainted with the dictionary. I lived with a family who spoke only English. There seemed to always be opportunities to help someone who did not speak English everywhere I went, and I was always happy to interpret. 

-- Amalia C.

Rewington, Connecticut

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