From the October 2019 magazine.

Life's little lessons

More and more each day, her pre-kindergarten students remind her of the wonder of sobriety

I am a preschool teacher who also happens to be an alcoholic. I’m sober and have been living the AA way of life for seven years. Each week, I teach and care for a class of a dozen 4- and 5-year-old children in a faith-based school. The wonderment these kids have about the world around them continuously amazes me. And without ever knowing it, they remind me of the wonderment of my sobriety. And each day when they do, I just laugh and thank my Higher Power. 

When I was first employed at the school, I was working part-time as an afternoon assistant. I was still drinking then. I’d come in and relieve the lead teacher and then wake the children from their naps. Once I got their shoes on and got them to eat their snacks, we’d head on out to the playground. This was no easy task for an around-the-clock drinker like me. I was shaking in my shoes and praying no one would notice. Anxiety filled my heart and the obsession of the next drink clogged my mind. Those four-hour shifts were torturous and seemed to never end. 

-- Susanne B.

Georgetown, Texas

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