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Published September 2019.

The True Story of a Miracle

A true AA mentor passes on—but his “fallen angels” remain behind

Many months ago, while I was attending my regular afternoon group, a young woman walked in. She was very young and looked very nervous. Yet she had the sweetest smile on her face. There was also a very sweet gentleman, who went by the name of Don O. He had a wonderful habit of taking newcomers and making them feel at home and safe in this new environment. Over the months I watched him do this with several people. As many of us do, when exposed to a new environment and a possible better way of life, fear is often at the forefront. Don had an amazing way of making that fear melt away.  I know he did for me! Anyhow, back to this young woman. After a couple of months of attending our group, life got in the way. She slowly started to drift off, and before long I did not see her anymore.

I missed her a lot. I followed her on Facebook, watched her page to see what was going on in her world. She just did not seem interested in coming back yet. A couple of months ago, Don pulled me aside. We were discussing how much we missed her and that we were praying for her. Don turned to me and took my hand in his, and said: “Do me a favor, keep an eye on her, and do not give up. Be there for her.” I hugged him and promised I would. 

-- Anonymous

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