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Published September 2019.

Taking Calls for AA

Being on “the firing line” of service—and loving every minute of it

I have been sober in AA since July 20, 1988 and I’ve been pretty active in the program. I’ve always had a home group where I would attend meetings regularly. I worked with sponsors and I have in turn sponsored others. I have spoken at other groups, and I've taken meetings to treatment centers, jails and the state penitentiary. Over the years, I've been on a number of Twelfth Step calls, and I have taken many a drunk to the emergency room. I also unfortunately have attended more than my share of funerals for those who didn’t make it.

The sentence in the Big Book about “staying on the firing line” really means something to me. I believe that by keeping myself on the front line, where alcoholics face life and death struggles, keeps fresh in my mind the reason why I came to AA in the first place, and it helps me remain grateful for my sobriety.

-- John S.

Kansas City, Mo.

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