From the November 2019 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

Each November we feature classic Grapevine stories from our vast online Story Archive. If you haven’t looked through our wonderful deep well of stories, which dates back to 1944 and holds many of Bill W.’s essays, please visit and click on “Story Archive.” There are some real treasures in there. This month, our special section highlights classic stories from Wyoming and California, the two winners of our 2018 Grapevine Subscription Challenge.

In the 1987 story “A Wind of Spirit” a Wyoming man tells of his terrible relapse on Thanksgiving Day, which thankfully led him back to the Steps and a spiritual journey. In 1960, a Hollywood star wrote about her fear of everyone finding out she’s an alcoholic and the courage it took her to come to AA in “The Problem and the Actress.” And in the 1967 story “Not Costly,” five AA groups across California and Wyoming find a way to all meet over the telephone—priceless!

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