From the November 2019 magazine.

Crayons, cookies & kisses

With Steps, coffee and baskets of toys, some California mothers stay sober together

Having been around these rooms for some time, I have formed and rejected many opinions regarding special-interest groups in the hallowed halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. I would like to share an experience that began as a special-interest group, but has grown into something none of us ever imagined—a very important anchor in the lives of a bunch of moms trying to stay sober!

I found the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous, and a couple of months later found that I was to be a mother for the first time. There was no direct connection between those two events except that my sponsor and I shared the joke that this must be my Higher Power’s way of having healthier babies enter this world, and teaching me some lessons in humility.

-- D.B.

Carlsbad, California

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