From the November 2019 magazine.

Free to explore

A lifelong spiritual seeker gets sober and continues his search for a Higher Power

One of the many freedoms I have found in AA has been the freedom to have my own Higher Power. Prior to AA, while still in the depths of my disease, I was introduced to a sect of Buddhism. One of the reasons I was drawn to it, is that it seemed to work for me. After trying Buddhism, I found I had some prayers answered. I then pursued it with greater interest. It awakened in me some long dormant sense of spirituality. 

The Buddhists were very kind to me and they allowed me to find my own path. At the time of my introduction to Buddhism, I was nearing the end of my drinking career, meaning I was pretty much unemployable. I was too unreliable to hold down a job and I always had a serious case of “bottle flu” on Mondays, as well as the need to leave early on any payday Friday. I was looking for answers to the question, “Why was my life such a mess?” 

-- John M.

Laguna Niguel, California

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