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Published October 2019.

Austin Citywide

A festival of “fun, food, fellowship and recovery” changes one AA’s life forever

In Austin, Texas we have a unique and wonderful open AA event called Austin Citywide. On the third Saturday of every month, you’ll find upwards of 700 people meeting for the sole purpose of bringing together our diverse recovery community in Austin and the surrounding areas. Our potluck dinner feeds over 500 people, and our volunteers each month number close to 100. Our devoted setup crew is hard at work starting at 3 p.m. with the arrangement of tables, chairs, and kitchen prep. We supply chicken and side dishes to start, and our potluck dinner often develops into a delectable banquet with generous donations from our members. Any leftover food is taken to our 24-hour AA meeting club. Childcare is provided and regularly hosts 30+ children. The speaker meeting, which is always recorded, begins promptly at 7:00 with speakers coming from both the local area and out of state. We are coming up on our 13-year anniversary this March (2020). 

Citywide is a bustle of activity each month. Newcomers and old-timers alike find fellowship as well as a place to feel “a part of” and be of service. Austin is a growing city, and that includes our recovery community. When folks move to town and hear about Citywide, they naturally want to get involved. Almost instantly they develop a host of friends. The best way I know how to explain our gathering is that it is one of those about which you can say: “This is an experience you must not miss.” 

-- Lisa W.

Austin, Texas

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