From the December 2019 magazine.

Oops, Wrong Bar!

The day after Christmas, two new guys stroll into his AA meeting. It’s a toss-up on who was more surprised

After almost eight years of being sober, I’ve been to a lot of AA meetings. I believe in the motto “meeting makers make it,” so I still hit at least five meetings a week. Over the years, I thought I’d seen it all: arguments, tears, drunken outbursts, fights, birth and marriage announcements and memorials. But what happened today, the day after Christmas, well this was a new one. 

My Wednesday morning meeting is held in a local Irish pub. We figure, heck, if we could spend hours getting drunk in bars, might as well spend an hour each week staying sober in one. Though we’re a group of drunks, the bar owner trusts us with his keys so we can have the meeting before he comes in to work for the day. Now, if that isn’t a portrait of the Promises coming true, I don’t know what is! 

-- Cory R.

Los Angeles, Calif.

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