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Published November 2019.

Gifts of the Heart

Service at a holiday alkathon brought her closer to the program and her family

I walked into the Alano club during a holiday alkathon. I knew the alkathon would be there, since I had been to one during a holiday season many years earlier, during my first attempts at sobriety, when that Alano club was where I went to AA meetings. It was where I brought my small children to meetings, it was where I felt at home in my own skin. 

Over the years after I returned to drinking, I never drove past that Alano club and gave it a second glance, but this night when I knew I could not white-knuckle sobriety alone, as I had been trying. I told my daughter I needed to go to an AA meeting and I drove straight to that Alano club.

-- Jennifer B.

Daly City, Calif.

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