From the December 2019 magazine.

Watch Your Aim!

After a meeting takes a wrong turn, a member has a few thoughts about “principles before personalities”

Last week I watched, or rather heard, an assassination take place. Nobody died. It wasn’t that kind of assassination. It was a character assassination and it took place in an AA meeting room last Monday night.

Somebody, I honestly don’t know who, was sharing about a person, a fellow member of AA, who the speaker apparently didn’t like. He described the man so clearly that there couldn’t be any doubt about who he was assassinating. And during his share, after he said, “The guy acts like a (expletive),” someone else hollered “He is a (expletive).” There was laughter all around, and the original speaker continued his complaint about the victim.

-- E.K.

Tucson, Ariz.

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