From the December 2019 magazine.

One Man’s Kindness

He’d stand on the porch watching as I straggled up the steps. Every time he saw me slink inside, he’d look right at me. I wasn’t used to receiving such warmth.

During my first six months, I attended meetings in a small town. I didn’t share, speak to anyone unless they spoke to me first, offer to set up or close up a meeting or volunteer to read any AA literature. Not me. I sat silently in the back of the room, thinking about my favorite topic—myself—and how different I was from everybody else.

I thought I was smarter than AA people. They were always yapping about how great it was to be sober. I told myself that someone as intelligent as me couldn’t possibly fall for those goofy AA slogans plastered on the walls: “One Day At A Time,” and “Live and Let Live.” Not me.

-- Carol H.

Tampa, Fla.

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