From the January 2020 magazine.

Return to Bourbon St.

For years, New Year’s Eve was a drunken blur. Now that she’s sober, she can remember it

New Year’s Eve was my favorite holiday to get drunk because everyone around me had the same goal—or so I thought. Every New Year’s Eve, I’d convince myself that it was completely normal to get drunk. And each year, the next day I would always make a resolution to drink less and less often. However, every year I drank more and lived with those old feelings of guilt and shame, which only grew throughout the year.

I grew up in East Tennessee, and football and drinking went hand-in-hand. The ultimate goal was seeing our team win the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Championship and an automatic bid to the Sugar Bowl, which was held on New Year’s Day in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

-- D.K.

St. Louis, Mo.

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