From the January 2020 magazine.

Reporting for Duty

He thought his long, distinguished service career was over. Turns out he had more giving back to do

By my mid 30s, I was happily married and had a successful Army career, along with the ability to compartmentalize my life. Though I didn’t know it, I also had alcoholism.

While I was not on my way to becoming a four-star general, my career was well-grounded: ROTC, airborne and ranger training, a four-year stint in a tank battalion where I commanded a company in Germany and a stateside tour as a public affairs officer in a mechanized infantry division. My reputation in Army public affairs was such that I was a “by-name-request” to serve as a special augmentee during the 1983 Grenada operation.

-- George W.

Louisville, Ky.

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