From the January 2011 magazine.

January 2011: Getting kinda cocky

Having nine years’ sobriety has brought me to a place of self-awareness. I’ve been regularly attending meetings for nine years, I have always had a sponsor, I’ve sponsored many, and I consider myself a fairly healthy and spiritual person. The AA program has done wonders in my life. I read my daily readings, I talk in meetings and I’ve worked the Steps. I’ve done all the things that are suggested for emotional sobriety and have had some “life on life’s terms” things happen to me in sobriety in various ways. I still stayed sober.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that there was a need for someone to chair some 4:30 p.m. meetings. Well, I haven’t had a regular service position since I first got sober in 2000. I chaired two meetings a week regularly and met with my sponsor once a week. I also called her every day. I did this for about my first two years in this program. This is normal in “new” sobriety. I surely didn’t need to be doing all that now, right?

-- D.G.

Kenosha, Wisconsin

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