From the January 2011 magazine.

January 2011: Order in the court!

A group adjusts when the police force occupies its courtroom meeting place

Objection overruled!

I am the general service rep of a Big Book group that meets each Tuesday night in a courthouse in Melbourne, Australia. The time I opened up the rooms for the first time, it ended up being a very eventful night. Both our regular secretaries were away and the person who would normally take over was in the States at the 2010 AA Convention in San Antonio, Texas. I stepped up for what I thought was going to be the simple process of opening the doors to the courthouse, setting up the banners, getting the water urn going, ensuring that there were enough biscuits, that the toilets were clean, and generally making the meeting go smoothly. How wrong I was to be.

I left home early and got milk. My wife had baked a cake for the meeting because I was opening up for the first time, so I was excited. I turned up at the courthouse expecting it to be dark. We normally have to go around the corner to the police station to get the key to open up. Yet the courthouse was lit up brightly. Hmmm, I thought, someone else must have gotten here and opened up before me. As I walked toward the door I could see a small sandwich board outside, but it wasn’t the AA one. Instead it said “Police Station.” What was going on?

-- Adrian B.

Melbourne, Australia

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