From the January 2011 magazine.

January 2011: It’s not a gimmick if it works

A First Step emerges from an indexed history

New memories popped up on random order. Each card was for one drinking experience.

Step One was hard. I came with a watch, car, professional career and no DUI, jail, detox, skidrow, treatment center or DTs. I didn’t drink every day. I thought that I’d never had blackouts.

I said AA was boring and that I was very thirsty—loudly!

By the grace of God as I don’t understand him, I have been sober over 34 years; never relapsed. How? People were praying for me.

Some long-timers said: “Young man, everyone needs three things to get the program. We’re very sorry; you don’t have any of them.” I asked, “What are the three things?” They said,...

-- Anonymous

Denver, Colorado