From the February 2011 magazine.

February 2011: Pushing for humility

A work-hard, play-hard lifestyle became a work-obsessively, drink-alcoholically way of life

"I picked up a job pushing a broom in a styrofoam factory. It was the very best I could do."

I had been drinking daily for roughly 17 years and drinking alcoholically for approximately 24 years before I came in contact with AA. Somehow, even with the blackouts, accidents, injuries and basic horror of my alcoholic existence, I managed to hold on to my career.

My profession defined my identity and sense of self. I had a “work-hard, play-hard” life, which in reality meant a “work-obsessively, drink-alcoholically” lifestyle. Work fed my ego and justified my excessive daily drinking (if you worked as hard as I did …).

Over the years a variety of family members...

-- Alison

Rhode Island