From the March 2011 magazine.

March 2011: Cut Loose

Confused and sponsorless, a member embarks on a year-long investigation

"I grabbed hold of my dear friend John, who knew me inside and out."

A few years ago my sponsor stopped sponsoring guys for personal reasons. He gave me a month’s notice that he was going to do this, and told me how sorry he was. We had become friends over the years and it was his intention that we remain friends even after I had found a new sponsor. As far as I could see at the time, not much needed to change in my life. We spoke all the time, and we planned to continue that. He knew me inside and out and that wasn’t going to change. It was just that there were going to be certain things that, in a sponsorship capacity, he wasn’t going to be able to do for me anymore.

Not a big deal, I thought. I’ll just grab a new sponsor. I know a ton of people with good sobriety. So I started to look around. Sure I knew a lot of people with many years of sobriety, but I was starting to realize I didn’t know who their sponsors were. I started to ask some questions.

-- Dave R.

Manchester, New Hampshire

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