From the March 2011 magazine.

March 2011: Off with the blinders

A member finds a way to hold on to the pink cloud

"I knew I’d never find the miracle. After all, my whole life had been one failure after another—why should this be any different?"

I have been told that alcoholics are the only people who can take a simple program and break it down into its most complicated form. I have no trouble believing that this is so, I watched myself do it countless times in sobriety.

When I first came into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I didn’t understand anything I heard there. The phrases were different, the ideas were different, the laughter and understanding were different. It was like I’d stepped into another country and didn’t understand the language. I thought it was too complicated and that I’d never be able to understand it.

-- Robin S.

Waldport, Oregon

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