From the March 1990 magazine.

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Alcohol and Menstrual Problems

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Significant variations in menstrual flow and cycle length among chronically alcoholic women have been documented by a Danish study. Researchers from an outpatient alcoholism clinic in Copenhagen and the hepatology department of Hvidovre University Hospital collected data on the menstrual patterns, gynecologic disorders, and infertility among 51 chronic alcoholics aged 20 to 42 years attending the clinic. These were compared with a random sample of women of the same age living in the same municipality. Seventy percent of the alcoholic women reported menstrual disturbances compared to 55% of the control group. Menstrual-cycle length was found to vary more among alcoholic women actively abusing alcohol. While the alcoholic group reported more than twice as many abortions and miscarriages as controls, this difference was not found to be significant given the larger number of pregnancies in the alcoholic group. Fertility was not found to be adversely affected by alcohol abuse.

-- Drug and Alcohol Dependence

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