From the April 2011 magazine.

April 2011: Wild child

"My parents were stuck in the ’60s, and we stayed in several communes."

I have experienced many miracles since I started working the Twelve Steps, but the most important, thus far, is feeling the nearness of my Creator. This is something that I had no idea about when I came to AA. In fact, when I walked into my first meeting and saw God in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions that were hanging on the wall, I was convinced I had walked into a cult.

The thing was, I also suspected that though it would take a long time for me to die as a result of my alcoholism, this might be the last root for me to grab before I slipped down that long, miserable chute of despair that I thought might exist for others, but certainly not for me.

-- Amy S.

Beaverton, Oregon

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