From the June 1944 magazine.

Along the Metropolitan Circuit

BROOKLYN. Well, you know how Brooklyn is. Trees grow there, and so does A.A., but they don't talk so much about it. We think it bears repeating that A.A. started there, right on Clinton St. in Bill's house. There are still plenty of A.A.'s around who attended their first meeting there. Then Bill and Lois moved and for a long time there were no meetings in Brooklyn.

Two years ago last February, A.A. in New York had grown enough so that split-offs were becoming common. And there was Brooklyn, big enough all on its own to have been having meetings at the home of one of its members--now big enough to "hire a hall". The St. George Hotel is the present "hall", where an open meeting is held every Friday at 8:30 P.M. Closed meetings (for alcoholics only) on Wednesday evenings at the home of one of its members. Brooklyn is growing!

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