From the September 1944 magazine.

Along the Metropolitan Circuit

BERGEN COUNTY RATES NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL. . . The County's leading newspaper, Bergen Evening Record, is emphasizing editorially the important work being done by the Bergen Group. Donald Borg, the editor, is an ardent supporter of Alcoholics Anonymous. "To assist discharged veterans," says Mr. Borg, "is a task of major importance." We agree with Mr. Borg that the post-war alcoholic situation will probably be one of serious proportions. Therefore, it was resolved at the 3rd Anniversary meeting that each Bergen County member would expand his individual efforts towards enlarging the membership.

THE BRONX CORRALLED BY JOE H. . . . At long last a dire need has been fulfilled. An A.A. group has been formed in the Bronx. Meetings will be held every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m., at 518 Willis Avenue, corner of 148th Street. Joe H., through his untiring efforts, founded the new group. Known as the Boro of Universities, with a population of 1,500,000, the Bronx is a city in itself. It opens new fields for the Cause. 65 men and women came to the first meeting August 9th, among whom were many well-wishers from neighboring groups. Joe H. presided. He was supported by speakers Bob W. of Brooklyn; Mary C. of Forest Hills; Ed T., formerly of the Manhattan Group, now of the Bronx Group; Earl S., the Creedmore potentate; and a surprise speaker, the very popular Stewart (Stony) S. of Jersey.

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