From the January 1945 magazine.

All Around AA


A living room in a Brooklyn brownstone, 1934-1939. A swank tailor shop on Fifth Avenue, full of bolts and bolts of handsome tweeds--and assorted A.A.s --spring of 1939. A vacant apartment on West 72nd Street, summer of 1939. The same tailor shop's West Side loft, with the cutting tables for seats, the rest of the hot summer that same year. A real meeting-room in Aeolian Hall, fall and winter, 1939-40. Then, at last, the New York area A.A.s had grown enough to dare taking their own clubhouse, and in the spring of 1940 "24th Street" was ours--A.A.'s first clubhouse anywhere.

Now, as the year 1944 ends, the A.A. Cosmopolitan Club has been born. This is, at last, a club for all A.A.s from wherever they may come, passing through New York, visiting here, or living within reach of it. Here, the New York area will hold its Inter-Group meetings every Tuesday night. Here the secretary will take the calls and interview the newcomers from all the New York area, putting them in contact with the group in whose locality they live. And here A.A.s will find each other, to talk with, to play with, to grasp a helping hand or to extend one.

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