From the January 1945 magazine.

All Around AA


The first Pacific Coast Conference on Alcohol Studies, presented by Yale University, opened here in the Masonic Auditorium the morning of November 27th and continued for five days through the evening of December 1st. Sponsored by Governor Earl Snell of Oregon, and the Educational Advisory Committee of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, it was the first project of its kind on the West Coast. Probably, outside of Yale itself, there has never been a conference on this problem in which the subject was treated so comprehensively.

Apart from the Yale "team," which consisted of Drs. Haggard, Jellinek, Bacon and Baird, and Mrs. Marty Mann of the Yale-sponsored National Committee for Education on Alcoholism, there were Drs. Finley and Montague from the University of Oregon Medical School, Dr. Victor Morris, Dean of the University of Oregon, Dr. Willard Spalding, Superintendent of Portland Public Schools, and the Rev. Thompson L. Shannon. Their lectures covered every aspect of the problem: physiological, psychological, sociological and legal, with one full day reserved for discussion on the treatment of alcoholism, and another on education.

-- Doc" H.

Portland, Oregon

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