From the April 1945 magazine.

A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit

The role which A.A. can take in curbing absenteeism in industrial plants due to excessive drinking was recently outlined before the Chattanooga, Tennessee, Industrial Personnel Club. Stanley Davis of Cincinnati, analyst of the Ohio Personnel Testing Laboratories, displayed personnel tests showing the qualifications of a normal worker and the marked deviation by alcoholics from the norm. He also showed how alcoholics "come back," even passing the norm, after joining A.A. The program was arranged by a prominent businessman, who is a member of the non-alcoholic advisory board for the Chattanooga A.A. group. . . . Can anything be done for the valuable employee whose drinking is out of control? To some employers this is still a baffling question. The Delaware A.A. groups have distributed a booklet, "What About the Alcoholic Employee?" to personnel directors in organizations throughout the state. The booklet contains a reprint of the chapter in the A.A. book describing the experiences of an employer in dealing with alcoholism.

Norwalk is the latest to join the A.A. ranks in Ohio. At their first open meeting were Judge Edgar Martin of the Common Pleas Court, Judge Luther Van Horn of Probate Court, Prosecuting Attorney Herbert R. Freeman and County Welfare Chairman George W. Lawrence.

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