From the April 1946 magazine.

A.A. Digest--

Excerpts from Group Publications

Camel Club Chronicle, Marshalltown, Iowa: "There are some of us who get sober and go around with a chip on our shoulder waiting for some one to knock it off; also, there are some of us who not only have a chip on one shoulder, we have a chip on each shoulder almost begging some one to knock them off. Is that straight thinking?

"Then there are some who do things for other people. . . even go out of their way to do something for other people; then, go round 'popping off' about what they have done. Is that right thinking? Now, if you do not want to do these things without expecting recompense, then. . . don't do them at all, because in the end they never do you or the ones you are doing something for any good."

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