From the May 1946 magazine.

A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit

The Philadelphia, Pa., Group, conservative in accordance with tradition, is proud of its 90 new members gained since March 1, 1945, all of whom have been dry three months or more. This brings the total membership to 350. A member of this group which has now incorporated with the six auxiliary groups, is scheduled to deliver two lectures at the Pennsylvania School of Alcohol Studies at Juanita College, Huntington, Pa., during June. They are also furnishing two members to appear before the Pennsylvania Association on Probation and Parole in Harrisburg at a seminar. These A.A.s will speak in behalf of the parole system as it pertains to alcoholics. For the second time this year the Philadelphia Group has been asked to meet with the Psychiatric Association of Philadelphia.

The St. Paul Group has been fortunate, through the good offices of Dr. R. H. Lindley, superintendent of the state hospital at Wilmar, Minn., in organizing an A.A. group among the alcoholics of that institution. The St. Paul Group, which gives to all newcomers a little card outlining the policy for sponsorship, is to hold its fifth anniversary banquet May 4. The principal guest speaker is to be Judge Lewis Drucker, associate judge of the Superior Court, Cleveland, Ohio.

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