From the February 1947 magazine.

A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit

A.A. Message in Spanish

A second booklet in the Spanish language, based principally on Akron No. 1 Group's Manual for A.A., has just been made ready for the press by the Santa Fe, N. M., Group. The first booklet, ?Ha De Ser Esto Nuestro Sino? was a translation into Spanish of the Salt Lake No. 1 Group's Who? Me? and portions of Akron's Guide to the 12 Steps. The material chosen and the translation will, therefore, not duplicate any work in process of the Alcoholic Foundation in its future publications in Spanish. The translator is a newspaper columnist and ex-editor of Spanish periodicals, whose forte previously had been politics. Since becoming an active member his forte is A.A. His columns are being printed in Spanish weekly newspapers throughout New Mexico.

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