Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published May 2011.

Web Exclusive: The Laugh-Out-Loud List

A newcomer and her friend come up with a perfect idea to keep themselves in stitches.

"If we’re ever in a depressing place, we can have this on the refrigerator, take a look at it, and break out laughing."

I was just over a year sober, and Nicole and I were lying on the floor of my living room. The first year of my sobriety was propelled by me getting really involved, doing the steps and going to a lot of meetings. I was good. I was living sobriety and breathing in a new way.

So we lay there on the floor with paper and pen, because I had just gotten the wild idea that we should make this list. Let’s call it the Laugh Out Loud list, I told her. We’ll make a list of all of the things that make us laugh out loud when we think about them. This way, if we’re ever in a depressing...

-- Ginny M.

Lehigh Acres, Florida