Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published May 2011.

Web Exclusive: Fun and Fellowship—Marathon Style

Road-trip running buddies take a challenge to attend an AA meeting in six different states—all in one day!

"We decided to rent a fifteen-passenger van and make the trip in style and comfort."

Dawn still lurked two hours away on a cold, crisp day, as the cars eased into the Park and Ride near the local turnpike entrance. Eleven friends, some new, some old, were meeting to embark upon a day of AA fun and fellowship, marathon style. What this AA received that day was so much more.

Two months prior, myself and four of these same friends were on a six hour drive to Boston for the privilege of listening to four speakers share their experience, strength, and hope, as well as to have the world’s best sloppy Joe’s. Dubbed “the usual suspects” by...

-- Brian K.

Telford, Pennsylvania