From the March 1968 magazine.

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How to Save $190 Million

Have you ever stopped to think about the money involved in AA? I am not referring to the little we drop in the kitty at AA meetings or spend going to AA conventions. I'm talking about the purchasing power of the money channeled into our families' pocketbooks after we sober up--money we would ordinarily have spent on booze had we continued to drink. After doing a little figuring along these lines, and using counts taken from the Toronto AA Convention reports in the Grapevine, I've come up with some figures you may find interesting.

Let's say that the practicing alcoholic drinks, on the average, three fifths of whiskey per week. Lower for some, higher for some, but I'm sure that I drank at least three jugs per week! Now, let's say that the average bottle cost $4.00. Again, I think that this is a fair estimate. When I was flush I would buy the best, but when I was getting low on funds, I'd shop around a little for a bargain. Using these two figures, we save about $12.00 on a weekly basis. This figures to about $48.00 each month or around $624.00 per year, using 52 weeks.

-- Jay M.

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