From the June 2011 magazine.

June 2011: This Wasted Life

She needed to prove to herself that drinking would never work for her

"I grew up in a world of booze and had no idea this wasn’t normal."

Whenever I get crazy enough to think I can drink normally, I have to get rigorously honest and take a long, hard look at my track record. This not only scares the hell out of me, but reinforces the fact that this drunk never drank one drink in her life, unless it was water or juice.

The family joke was that, when I was a baby, the only way to shut me up was by putting beer in my bottle and shoving it in my mouth. I have fond memories of being five or six years old, going to the family bar and sipping drinks from everyone and them laughing at me because I couldn’t walk and was...

-- Barbara D.

Mulberry, Florida