From the August 1969 magazine.

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Even a Spiritual Program Must Face $$¢¢ Problems

Our Fellowship has to live in the real world, where vulgar old money is not merely useful stuff, but vitally essential in carrying the message. Almost any member recognizes this fact--if his attention is focused on it. But getting him to look in the right direction is no small task, as many groups realize when counting the skimpy contents of collection baskets.

Paul G. of San Francisco, Calif., has a bit of advice for AA groups encountering this common disappointment. It's a matter of attitude, he says: "Too many--in fact, most--secretaries, when it comes time to ask for money, apologize instead, mumbling something about paying for 'coffee and doughnuts.' As a result, it's usually the price of coffee and doughnuts that finds its way back to the secretary.

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