From the August 1969 magazine.

Around AA - Items of AA Information and Experience

Wanted: AA Reporters

Our request in the June issue for reader contributions to the "About Alcoholism" section has brought us a gratifying number of well-identified clippings with a good geographical distribution. Now we would like to make the same request for "Around AA." This department is designed to present news of AAs acting in concert: from local groups through Central Offices and Intergroups, AA areas and regions, states and provinces, to GSO and the General Service Conference. (Personal stories and ideas on individual working of the program have their place in Grapevine articles and in the, letters of the "Carrying the Message" section.)

What's new where you live? We will welcome accounts of unusual events, new developments, fresh approaches, problems solved--whether your news concerns your group, your Intergroup, institutions or public-information endeavors, or other AA activities. Please send your contributions to "Around AA," c/o the AA Grapevine, PO Box 1980, Grand Central Post Office, New York, N. Y. 10017.

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