From the June 1970 magazine.

Around AA - Items of AA Information and Experience

AA Overseas - Conferences and Conventions

Though there have been observers from overseas AA at each Conference, the 20th marked a new step: The agenda included a report on AA's first World Service Meeting, last October. Delegates at that meeting were chiefly from countries and areas that already had Conferences of their own. For instance, the United Kingdom has had an annual General Service Conference since 1965; France got into action in the fall of 1969; South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia all send Delegates to yearly national Conferences.

Abroad, as in the U.S. and Canada, there are AA conventions, too, come-one-come-all affairs for members and their families. Australia holds a convention on the same weekend as its Service Conference, a different state playing host each year. In Finland, almost 1,000 attend the quarterly national roundups. At the AA Convention of Central America, members from countries of that area are joined by AAs from Mexico and the Caribbean islands; the last get-together was in Guatemala, and the next will be in Mexico City.

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