From the June 2011 magazine.

June 2011: Better or Bitter?

How do I choose to handle the uncertainty of life? After 20 years of hard-earned sobriety, getting slam dunked was not what I had anticipated. The next four years of my life were quite a challenge.

It started with a failed relationship. Quiet whispers of, “Get out now,” led to the bright red warning flags. But, it was going to be my way “monitored by God.” The outcome was unfortunate dishonesty, a no go for this cowgirl. The mental anguish and wasted time from life was not worth the self-willed experience. I somehow got a life threatening illness, a carotid dissection, which fascinated all physicians, since most have never seen one. Six months with a hole in the carotid before it was fixed. It was not my time to go, obviously.

-- Denyse H.

Huntington, New York

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