From the May 1974 magazine.

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Try a Mini-Conference

As my group's General Service Representative, I have seen our Delegates come back from the General Service Conference enthusiastic, keyed up, and full to the brim of what they have learned. John W., our present Delegate, wanted to transfer some of this enthusiasm to our GSRs. So, last fall, the chairman of our district's General Service Committee called a special meeting with John, the 11 Committee Members, and the secretary and the treasurer of the assembly. The topic was the organization of a mini-conference where all our GSRs and other interested members of AA, especially our intergroup representatives, could get together and have a model session just like the New York Conference.

In December, we presented a detailed plan for the mini-conference to the assembly. Friday night, the kickoff dinner would feature a speaker from the AA General Service Office and a showing of the filmstrip about the people who make GSO run. Then there would be instructions for the conference sessions and the distribution of materials for everyone who would participate in the day-long Saturday program.

-- F. F.

Washington, District of Columbia

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