From the August 1975 magazine.

Around AA - Items of AA Information and Experience

'El Lenguaje del Corazon' Heard on D.C. Radia

Three years ago, Spanish-speaking AAs in Washington, D.C., began running 30-second announcements about AA on local radio. By arrangement with the manager of the station, the time is purchased at a reduced rate of $2.00 for each spot. Individual members volunteer to make the payments, and the group has imposed on itself a pledge to see that at least 30 announcements in Spanish are heard per month.

In a typical spot, two or three questions from the pamphlet "Es AA Para Usted?" ("Is AA for You?") are used, and the phone number of Washington Area Intergroup is given. (This central office has a tape with a message in Spanish ready to answer such calls, in case neither the desk secretary nor any member on hand speaks the language.)

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