From the December 1975 magazine.

Around AA - Items of AA Information and Experience

New Booklet--New Pamphlet

At our first meetings, we all heard down-to-earth suggestions on ways to stay away from that first drink--and the most effective have now been set down in print, in the new AA booklet Living Sober. It's an easy-to-read 88 pages, pocket-sized, like Came to Believe. . ., but slimmer.

Newcomers can consult it to find answers to many questions that loom large in the first nondrinking days. "What do I say and do at a drinking party?" "Should I keep liquor in the house?" "As long as I'm happy, am I safe?" "What can I do when I get lonely?" The booklet may also be useful to sponsors, and for old-timers, it may be a refresher course. (It's wise for all of us to remember what it felt like to be a newcomer.)

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