From the December 1975 magazine.

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Pay-as-You-Go to Go

The pay-as-you-go system of ordering Grapevines, which comes to an end on December 31, was designed for the AA groups of more than 30 years ago. In the young Fellowship, group treasuries were meager or nonexistent. So a group would order as many Grapevines as it expected to sell; the magazines would be sent along with a bill; and the group would pay the bill from the proceeds of the sales.

As the years went by, this pay-as-you-go plan became more and more burdensome, adding to the cost of producing your AA magazine. (A further problem: Many of the bills remained outstanding, somehow being overlooked.) By 1972, it was necessary to add handling charges and postage to the bills for pay-as-you-go orders, so this plan became still more expensive for the groups in comparison to the prepaid subscription plan. It's hardly surprising that only about 200 groups now remain on the pay-as-you-go list.

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